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You need to level up your results

Have you tried promoting your company using a traditional PR firm, with no success? It’s time to try something new. Data Story PR will position you as a thought leader. Instead of vapid opinions that nobody cares about, we build your foundation as an expert with data.

Get noticed by top journalists

Data stories get on top journalists' radar because the results are quantifiable and unbiased. This method of reporter outreach is far more effective than trying to get them to publish your opinions. The truth is that unless you're already a well-known expert, nobody cares what you have to say. But they do care about gaining access to exciting data about current trends, and you're the best person to tell that story.

Premium results take work

We aren't going to transform you into an influencer overnight. It requires a lot of work, including research into popular trends, finding a unique angle to the story, developing the right survey questions, data collection and analysis, and then publisher outreach using an effective pitch. We've actually done this before, and we know what's most likely to produce great results for you. We're different because most publicists stick to traditional methods and don't have our background in data science.

Professional results require professional service

You could try this on your own, but you'll spend months just figuring out what works, and what doesn't. Let us take on this responsibility so that you can focus on your business, and show up when we get you interviews. The team has been doing this for years and we’ve perfected a system to get results.

Begin your transformation now

Partner with Data Story PR. Let’s work on an idea together and get your first data story published. You’ll likely get lots of mentions and links. You might even get some interview requests on top news networks. We can’t help everyone, but if you pass our client acceptance process, we're all-in.

Keep building your reputation and influencer status

Once you realize that our system is so much more effective than other methods, you’ll want to keep coming back to us for more data stories. We will completely transform the way you look at digital PR, as you'll have an edge over competitors who stick to older methods of getting press.

Brag about your results

After you see the results of your first data story, if you’re like most people, you’ll want to do at least one every month. You’ll find yourself sharing them on social, telling all of your friends and colleagues, and enjoying the benefits of digital PR again and again. Embark on your first digital PR journey with us. Let us help you get the attention you deserve.


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Enhance your public relations and search engine optimization with data stories. Work with us to establish trust, domain authority, and brand recognition .

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  • Schedule an appointment to talk about goals
  • Agree on a topic, budget, and timeline
  • Track news, articles, and interviews as they start to pour in

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Work with Data Stories PR to get your first data story published. Once you see the results, you’ll want to get on a regular schedule with us.